• Ancient architectural design

    1.The historical building of the historic site is repaired
    2.Survey and drawing
    3.Plan the report
    4.And then utilize planning and design
    5.Serve the recommendation
  • Indoor design

    1.The space moves line level space planning
    2.Space atmosphere image recommendation
    3.Draw the design drawing of formal level / smallpox / the lamps and lanterns / electromechanics / air conditioner / ground level ground material allocation plan
    4.Elevation and big master drawing of detail construction
    5.Family's decorations and ordering the furniture to plan the recommendation
    6.The illumination planning
    7.The budget is compiled
  • Landscape design

    1.The style proposing
    2.Design and plan
    3.Is it impose to plant / the building materials are proposed
    4.The light planning
    5.Make and prove the picture
    6.The budget is compiled
  • The project is contracted

    1.The project estimating / sending the bag / supervising and making managing
    2.Construction norm / the project program is made
    3.Professional personal management of the project and Shi Zuo
    4.The phased completion of the project, confirm and protect firmly
    5.Professional, rigorous, is responsible for and reach the case progress and quality systematically
  • The family adorns furniture whole planning and design

    1.The material and color plan
    2.The localization of the knockdown furniture / the planning of the fittings furnishing
    3.Knockdown furniture / the purchase of the fittings
    4.The budget is compiled